Kinvara U13 Champions!

posted 1 Sept 2014, 14:16 by Garret Byrne
County U13 B Hurling Championship Final
Thursday 28th August 2014, in Kenny Park.


Here is how is all went down, as done LIVE on our club facebook page.

- "Soft evening!

Nearly all things are perfect. The perfect location to play a final - Kenny Park. Two great teams - Kinvara and Tynagh-Abbey-Duniry. Two mad sets of supporters. Its a pity about the weather but hopefully it will clear a bit. Could nearly bring the boat!
- As we have just over half hour to throw-in, Kinvara Juvenile Club and U13 players and management would like to thank our team sponsor John Burke, and Burkes Londis Plus. The lads are looking great for this evening in their new shorts and socks, plus cool t-shirts for after. Thanks to John and Tommy.
- Kinvara U13s getting togged and ready in dressingroom here in Kenny Park. The U13 C final betwen Padraig Pearses and Sylane is now in the second half. Its still raining here, not as heavy as earlier, but the pitch seems to be holding well.
- So welcome Live from Kenny Park, for this Ocean Hygiene U13B County Championship Final between the lads of Kinvara and Tynagh-Abbey-Duniry 
This is the first ever live facebook update of a championship final involving Kinvara and hopefully that wont be the only history being made this evening.
- The teams have their photos taken and are going through their final preparations. 
The rain has stopped, and there is a strong breeze cross the pitch at moment, so wont really benefit either.
- Ball about to be thrown in.........and the rain is back!
Best of luck lads.

And the game is on!
5 secs gone. All level!
Its a dark evening with the rain, so hopefully wont affect the sides in the second half.
5 mins gone in U13 final. 
Kinvara 0-1, TAD 0-0. Pointed free by Benny Linnane. Tough conditions for hurling.
6 mins gone:
Kinvara 0-1, TAD 0-1. They also point a free. They had earlier broke through but great work by Ciaran Donoghue in goals for us, but they then won free and pointed it.
8 mins gone:
Kinvara just had a free in, and it was cleared off the line. This game will be won by small margins. Kinvara have habit of not playing to form in their opening halves, so hopefully we can change that this evening.
11 mins gone:
Another free for kinvara and cleared off the line again. Another free, and cleared again. The conditions here are even hard for striking the ball as the rain is getting heavy again. And its getting darker. A goal in this game will be major.
15 mins gone;
TAD 0-2, Kinvara 0-1. They get another pointed free. We doing ok, but need to convert more of our chances.
17 mins gone, and its Dara Helebert who raises the games first green flag. Kinvara 1-1, TAD 0-2.

Halftime: Kinvara 1-1, TAD 0-2. They unlucky not to have gotten a goal too. This will be a close one.
Halftime analysis. Its gonna be close! Thats pretty much it. But we doing ok. They have a couple of dangerous forwards, but we holding them ok. Points from play will be hard to find, so this match could be won by goals, and Kinvara have already one on the board. We just need to try take more of our chances up front. But overall, our workrate is great and everyone putting in a mighty effort.

Second Half on:
18 mins left: 
Kinvara 1-2, TAD 0-3. They start the brighter with a point. This half will fly. Only 20 mins of hurling per half.
14 mins left:
Kinvara 1-1, TAD 0-4. They draw level. And they on the attack, and Ciaran has it in the goals. Well done. Cleared but back in again. Don't foul. Free out to Kinvara. Great defending lads. Now need to get the ball up the field and score.
12 mins left.
Still level. They have us under pressure now. Free to them. Dropped in................half cleared.......and then wide.
7 mins left:
Still level at 1-1 to 0-4. Both sides have hit a wide apiece in the past two minutes. A goal will decide this.
5 mins left.
Kinvara 1-2, TAD 0-4. Well done lads. But TAD back on the attack.
4 mins left. 
We still lead 1-2 to 0-4. And they back on the attack. Looks like a point. But caught by Ciaran, Cleared. But they get it and point it. All level. 1-2 to 0-5.
2 mins left. 
Wide for Kinvara. Still all square. Nail-biting stuff this. Not that we have many left after last Thursdays semi-final!
1 min left. 
Bad puckout for them. Mishit. We win it. We missed scoring chance. They now have free out.
Last minute. 
Still all level. We on the attack. Com'on lads. Work it!
Injury time now:
Ball on their 21. Hard to control ball. We have another lineball.
Deep into injury time. 
Our last chance maybe. Hit in. Missed. A Scramble.
Kinvara now lead 2-2 to 0-5. 
Free out to them.
Blow it up ref for goodness sake!
Emotional....................this isnt tears, its the rain, honest!

What a win.
Scenes in Kenny Park are mad at the moment. A huge crowd from Kinvara and we thank them for supporting us. We looked in trouble in that second half. Tynagh-Abbey-Duniry in fairness were great and can be proud of their efforts. Our lads had to big deep inside to win this. Such is the spirit in this bunch of lads. Instilled into them by a great sideline of Francis Comyn, Michael Helebert, Eamonn Keely, Niall Byrne and Paddy Barry. They believed. The players believed. And their fitness levels stood to them and we again finished the match very strong.
Hard to see a loser in a match like this, and we wish TAD and their club the very best. No doubt our paths will pass again. 
But for now, we thank the 27 players of the Kinvara U13 team. School in the morning, so dont be out too late tonight!
Proud of each and one of you.