Junior Bs march to quarter-finals

posted 8 Sept 2014, 15:16 by Garret Byrne
Junior B Hurling Championship
in Ballindereen, Monday 1st Sept 2014


Here is our Live news feed of the match on our club facebook.

Kinvara Junior B's face Castlegar, in Ballindereen this evening 6:30pm.
Two evenly matched teams, we were both in the same group, and both ended up with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats each. Our group match ended up in a draw, and dont be surprised to see it as close this evening. 
5 mins to throw in. 
The Kinvara team has just been announced:
Goals: Ollie Bergin
Fullback line: Gerard Linnane, Johnny Kavanagh, Steve Bermingham
Halfbacks: Paul O'Sullivan, Peter Mahon, Mark Bermingham
Midfield: James O'Hara, David Burke
Halfforwards: Mark Kavanagh, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Gary Kilkelly 
Full Forwards: Ian Bermingham, Damien Huban, Eric Keane.
Darragh Kilkelly, David Huban (injured), Sean Linnane, Alan Keane, Rory Cullinane, Paul Keane (injured).

13 mins gone: Castlegar 0-2 lead Kinvara 0-1. Our lads doing ok, but 5 wides so far is not what we want. We are creating the opportunities but we really need to be taking them.
20 mins gone. Castlegar 0-4, Kinvara 0-3. The sides were level on three points apiece but Castlegar have regained the lead now.
29 mins gone: Castlegar 0-5, Kinvara 0-4. David Huban now on and although injured, he is making a difference already. Also on is Rory Cullinane.
Halftime: Castlegar 0-6, Kinvara 0-4. A goal in this game will be massive for whoever gets it. Might be the winning of this game yet.
29 mins left: Kinvara half just underway. Kinvara need big improvement if to advance from this one.

22 mins left:
GOAL!!!.............A green flag for.........Kinvara!
Score now is Kinvara 1-7 lead Castlegar 0-6. Much better now from the seasiders. Keep it going now lads.
16 mins left....Kinvara 1-11, Castlegar 0-6. 
What an opening from Kinvara of this second half! Our subs are doing the stuff. Rory Cullinane getting the goal, while David Huban has added 4 more points.
We have now scored 1-7 without reply, as go from 2 down, to leading by 8. 
We now have to weather the Castlegar storm.
14 mins left...Kinvara 1-11, Castlegar 0-7. The city side are beginning now to try get back into this match after being shellshocked by Kinvara in the last 15 mins. In fairness, that man David Huban is the key difference.
13 mins left:........Kinvara 1-12, Castlegar 0-7. Another David Huban point.
12 mins left......Kinvara on the attack......Rory Cullinane does well......plays the ball in...........Mark Kavanagh has it......turns....shoots......wait...............a point!
Kinvara 1-13, Castlegar 0-7.
8 mins left.....Kinvara 1-14, Castlegar 0-8.
They now reduced to 14 with a red card. Also, David Huban have to come off as his injury caught up with him. But what a half hour he had. I'll tot up what he scored and let ye know later, but possibly seven points or so.
7 mins left.......Kinvara 1-14, Castlegar 0-9. They just scored a point there from a free. This match is fairly intensive, and not a lot between the two sides in the general play. That earlier goal for Kinvara was massive in fairness.
2 mins left.....Kinvara 1-16, Castlegar 0-11. 
In the closing stages now. They really need goals and fast. But time running out. Kinvara look safe at this late stage in the match.
Injure time now.: Kinvara 1-16, Castlegar 0-11.

What a second half from Kinvara, and a huge influence from David Huban (scored 7 points). Some good performances from a few of our minors with James O'Hara and Gary Kilkelly putting in a good hour each. We outscored out opponents by 1-12 to 0-5 in the second half. Well done lads, and to manager John Linnane & Co. Nothing won yet though. We only in quarter-final.