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posted 15 Mar 2015, 10:46 by Garret Byrne

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Kinvara U21's march to County Final!

posted 23 Nov 2014, 08:02 by Garret Byrne

U21B Hurling Championship Semi-final
Sunday 23rd November, in Loughrea.


Kinvara great November run continues as our U21 hurlers dug deep to score a great win over an excellent Kilconieron side.
Here is the LIVE newsfeed from today's match.

"Welcome LIVE to St. Brendans Park, Loughrea, for this County U21B Championship semi-final between Kinvara and Kilconieron
The scene is set, pitch looking good and full credit to the local pitch committee. 
The two teams have arrived and are getting ready for the 11:30am throw-in.
Best of luck to Kinvara!
The teams are on the pitch, last few moments now before throw-in.
The Kinvara teamsheet today is:
Goals: Daragh Kilkelly 
Fullbacks: James Cronin-Rodger, Tadhg Reynolds, Steve Bermingham.
Halfbacks: Shane Byrne, Eanna Linnane, Mark Bermingham.
Midfield: James O'Hara, Ronan Kilkelly. 
Half-frowards: Gary Kilkelly, Conor Whelan, David Burke. 
Full-forwards: Ollie Nilan, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Rory Cullinane. 
Jason O'Connor, Dylan O'Hanrahan, Ciaran Whelan, Sean Linnane, John Donoghue. Owen Whelan.
The two teams are taking up their positions. Ball will be thrown in shortly. Can Kinvara reach their first County U21 Final in ten years?

Its on!
Based on the opening few seconds, it is clear both teams up for this one.
4 mins gone.....Kilconieron 0-2, Kinvara 0-0. They get one from play and other from a free.
7 mins gone....Kinvara 0-2, Kilconieron 0-2. Two pointed frees for Kinvara - one Ronan Kilkelly, other Conor Whelan. Two evenly matched teams so far. Kinvara playing in to the near goals, and there is not a puff of wind in the air.
12 mins gone.....Kinvara 0-4, Kilconieron 0-3.
15 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-4, Kilconieron 0-3.
A long high ball sent in.....superbly fielded by David Burke, after just being moved in, and he turned and made the space and rattled the ball to the back of the net.
16 mins gone......Kinvara 1-5, Kilconieron 0-3. A superb worked team point there for Kinvara.
19 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-6, Kilconieron 0-3. We doing well, but our opponents right on our toes. A long way to go yet.
23 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-7, Kilconieron 0-4.
25 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-7, Kilconieron 0-5. They bridge the gap with a pointed free from a tight angle.
29 mins gone.......Kinvara 1-7, Kilconieron 0-7. We giving away silly frees and they punishing us.

Halftime........Kinvara 1-8, Kilconieron 0-7. This game will go to the wire. Still, this is a game we can win, but a big flawless performance needed. You can see that they an older side than us, remember we have 11 of our starters U19. But heart and spirit we have in abundance and we can bet that our management will focus and get the best out of that.
U21 first half stats.
Kinvara scorers: Conor Whelan 0-5 (0-2 frees), Ronan Kilkelly 0-3 (0-2 frees), David Burke 1-0.
Wides: Kinvara 1, Kilconieron 0-9.
Frees for: Kinvara 6, Kilconieron 9.

Second half on......
29 mins left.......Kinvara 1-8, Kilconerion 0-8. A great reflex save by Daragh Kilkelly in our goals, but they follow up with a point.
25 mins left......Kinvara 1-9, Kilconieron 0-8. We didnt start the second half too brightly, but a Conor Whelan point has steadied us a bit.
24 mins left......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-8
17 mins left.......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-10. They coming back on us now.
15 mins left.......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-11.
14 mins left.......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-12. We under pressure. They on top at moment and we really need to steady things and get back on the scoreboard.
11 mins left......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-13. All square here as we approach the final 10 mins. We not getting going and need to correct that fast.
8 mins left........Kinvara 1-13, Kilconieron 0-15. We take the lead again.
7 mins left........Kinvara 1-14, Kilconieron 0-15. We now two in the lead.
6 mins left........Kinvara 1-14, Kilconieron 0-16. They score another free to bring it back to a single.
4 mins left......Kinvara 1-15, Kilconieron 0-16.A great Conor Whelan score.
3 mins left.........Kinvara 1-16, Kilconieron 0-16. A massive 100 yard free by Ronan Kilkelly.
2 mins left..........Kinvara 1-16, Kilconieron 0-16. We still lead by 3 points. Another long range free now coming up for Ronan.......
Brillant point.....Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16. Long range free pointed there again by Ronan. They now on the attack. They need a goal.
1 min left......Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16. They have 21 yard free now. They are going for it................
Saved!!! Into injury time now.......Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16. Brillant lads!
Injury time......they sent ball in again.....we coming out again.......they on attack again.....
Injury time.....all our lads behind the ball. We are not going to surrender. We still 4 points up. They send ball in again.....
Deep injury time.....they have '21. Going for goal........
Blocked by Kinvara!
U21 B semi.....ALL OVER!!!!!
Kinvara won!!!!!!!
Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16.
The young guns advance to the county final. What a performance. What a closing 10 mins from Kinvara. Heart, passion, skill, desire, fire in the belly. 
We back in county final for first time in 10 years.
We last won the B title in 2003, full back that day was Mike McCormack. We lost the final in 1993 - David and Val McCormack played that day. Today we celebrate another great Kinvara performance, but our thoughts are with the McCormack lads and family as they head to Mount Cross with their father Tom.

Junior Bs march on to County Final!

posted 16 Nov 2014, 14:26 by Garret Byrne

County Junior B Championship Semi-Final Replay
Saturday 15th Nov, in Loughrea.

PADRAIG PEARSES.............0-16

A massive win by our Junior B hurlers. Here is the LIVE match updates as reported on our facebook.

"Junior B semi-final replay - LIVE updates from St. Brendan's Park, Loughrea.
Throw-in 10 minutes. Kinvara team just running out onto field.
Kinvara team update.....teamsheet just handed in.
Goals: Ollie Bergin 
Fullbacks: James Cronin-Rodger, Johnny Kavanagh, Paul O'Sullivan.
Half-backs: Ger Linnane, Peter Mahon, Mark Bermingham.
Midfield: James O'Hara, Eric Keane. 
Halfforwards: David Burke, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Mark Kavanagh. 
Full Forwards: Damien Huban, David Huban, Ian Bermingham. 
Darragh Kilkelly, Rory Cullinane, Alan Keane, Stephen Bermingham, Paul Keane, Sean Linnane, Owen Whelan, Gary Kilkelly (injured).

Match on! And its Pearses first to score with a quick point. Pearses 0-1, Kinvara 0-0.
4 mins gone.......Kinvara 0-1, Pearses 0-1.
17 mins gone.........Pearses 0-4, Kinvara 0-2.
23 mins gone.........Pearses 0-7, Kinvara 0-5 (all our points from play).
24 mins gone........Pearses 0-7, Kinvara 0-6. Kinvara pull to within a single point after Mark Kavanagh throws over a free.
26 mins gone............Kinvara on the attack........ball sent in, it is worked towards the goal, and its a, its a........
GOAL! A goal for Kinvara. Not sure who got it, but scoreboard now reads Kinvara 1-5, Pearses 0-7.
Junior B halftime.
Kinvara 1-7, Pearses 0-9. They probably slightly edge it in terms of play, but goals are important too. Just like last time, we scored a major before the interval. This time it was David Huban who pulled on the ground and let fly from the '21 and rattled the back of the net. 
We may have the halfway lead, but a huge improvement needed as we can be sure what Pearses will bring in the second period, and we are going to have to match and better that. But the good news is that we CAN DO IT!

Second half just on. Kinvara still lead by a point. Who will be in lead in thirty minutes time?
23 mins left......Pearses 0-13, Kinvara 1-8. They play good at moment. We need to steady the ship.
12 mins left. ...Pearses 0-15, Kinvara 1-10.
10 mins left......Pearses 0-15, Kinvara 1-11. Great score from Damo.
5 mins left........Kinvara 1-13, Pearses 0-16. A great point by young James O'Hara levels matters with time running out.
3 mins left........Kinvara 1-13, Pearses 0-16. Very exciting here and nerveracking. A free out to Kinvara. Too far out to put over. Will be dropped down the field.
2 mins left......David Huban to take the free...lands in the square....pulled on..........
David Burke!!!!!! Kinvara lead 2-13 to 0-16.
1 min left......Kinvara 2-13, Pearses 0-16. Trojan stuff from Kinvara. Hang in there lads.
We now into injury time. Pearses will need a goal. We defending with our hearts. All over the field.
Still injury time. Still we lead by that goal. Can we make the final?
Injury time now. They piling on the pressure. Sideline cut by them goes in............
........they shoot, but Johnny Kav saves and storms out with it!.

ALL OVER......WE WON!!!!
Tremendous! Kinvara 2-13, Pearses 0-16. Well done to one and all. Massive effort and committment. Clarinbridge next in the county final. Our first Junior championship final appearance since 1975. Brillant!

Tommie's Hero's!

posted 15 Nov 2014, 01:14 by Garret Byrne

Junior C Hurling Shield FINAL
Sun 9th Nov, in Carnmore

PADRAIG PEARSES........................1-10

A Kinvara adult hurling team played in a county final for the first time since 1978 and here is how it went via our LIVE facebook commentary.

"Its a beautiful day for the beautiful game, as our Junior C hurlers are now on route to Carnmore to play this Shield Final against Padraig Pearses. 
If about, why not pop over and support them. 
Throw in at 12noon.
Best of luck to the squad and management from all in Kinvara GAA.
Welcome LIVE to Carnmore for Junior C Shield Final between Kinvara and Padraig Pearses. Both teams on the field doing warm up. Rumour has it none of the kinvara squad were out last night..............after 2am!

Just started. The ball is thrown in......and the sides are level!
7 mins gone. Kinvara 0-4, Padraig Pearses 0-0. Good start for Kinvara. Fintan Byrne at centre forward has already scored three points from play.
20 mins gone: Kinvara 0-8, Pearses 0-3. We doing ok but a long way to go.
25 mins gone: Kinvara 0-9, Pearses 0-3.
Halftime......Kinvara 0-10, Padraig Pearses 0-3.
This is a tough match and the general play more balanced than the scoreboard may suggest. A goal for either side will go a long way to deciding this match. Kinvara's better scoretaking capabalities proving the main difference. In saying that, we can expect a better performance from Pearses in the second half, so our lads are going to have to improve too.

25 mins left....Kinvara 0-12, Pearses 0-4. Declan Keane with our two second half points. They had a penalty but it was rifled over the bar after a superb deflection off Conor Quinns hurl.
18 mins left.........Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-5. A nine point lead now.
16 mins left............Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-6. They pull back a point to bring margin back to 8.
14 mins left.......Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-8
10 mins left.......Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-9. They now scored three frees on the trot. Kinvara will have to steady this one. Next score is vital.
8 mins left..........Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-9. Deco Keane slots over his 4th from play in the second half.
5 mins left.........Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-9.
4 mins left...........Under pressure here. Another free now for Pearses. They should point this...or go for goal?
4 mins left..........a point for them....Now Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-10. It took a great save earlier from our goalie Conor Quinn to keep this margin.
3 mins left.............Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-10. All subs on now at this stage. Kinvara's Joe Byrne, the County Hurling Board Chairman is here. Will be present his first adult title to a Kinvara man in his five years of tenure, that is coming to an end this month?
2 mins left...........Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 0-10. Frankie Quinn slots over the free. Almost there.
1 mins left.........Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 0-10. Tommie K almost had a goal there. We on the attack. But bring it out.
Injury time.....ball into our square......and its that man Padraic Moylan bringing it out again. Up Crushoa! Up the field, and a wide for Kinvara. As good as a point?
Still injury time......still we lead by 6 points. And we coming good again and putting them under pressure. And now they regain it and putting us back under pressure!
Can only be moments left.......they on the attack.....they get a shot in.....a goal for them. Now Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 1-10. Hold on lads!
The whistle has blown!
Kinvara win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Final score was Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 1-10. 
Great win. Great scenes of joy here. Kinvara win our first county final at adult level in almost 40 years. Brillant stuff lads, just simply brillant. Enjoy your celebrations this afternoon, this evening and tonight!

Man of the Match: Michael O'Connor.

Kinvara: Conor Quinn, Darren Geaney, Padraic Moylan, Aidan Fahy, Michael O'Connor, John Kavanagh, Francis Comyn, Mickey Kavanagh, Dylan O'Hanrahan, John Donoghue, Fintan Byrne, Frankie Quinn, Shane Sullivan, Martin O'Connell, Declan Keane.
Subs (all came on): Ruairi Quinn (Capt), Tommie Kavanagh, Oisin Fahy and Colie McGarry.
Team Management: Tommie Hanlon, Michael Bermingham, FrankQuinn, Aidan Fahy.

Pearses: R. Treacy, A. Queeney, S. Kelly, B. Raftery, J. Kenny, E. Barrett, T. Carr, P. Bellew, D. Burke, D. Cunniffe, N. Barrett, S. Walsh, D. Lawless, P. Scarry, C. Queeney.
Subs (all came on): K. Clancy, N. Murray, D. Lydon, D. Mannion, P. Mahon.

Determined Kinvara triumph in U21 quarters

posted 8 Nov 2014, 14:15 by Garret Byrne

U21B Hurling Championship quarter-final
Sat 8th Nov in Clarinbridge


Welcome LIVE to Clarinbridge for this U21B quarter-final between the Kinvara lads and the Connemara boys from Cois Fharraige (combination of Barna-Furbo, An Spideal and Ml Breathnach). Teams togged at this stage. Throw-in at 2pm.
The Kinvara teamsheet has been just slipped to me. The starting line-up has just one player overage next year, with only another 3 overage the following year - basically 11 of starting team are still underage in 2016!

Goals: Darragh Kilkelly.
Fullbacks: James Cronin Rodger, Tadhg Reynolds, Stephen Bermingham.
Half-backs: Shane Byrne, Eanna Linnane, Mark Bermingham.
Midfield: James O Hara, Ronan Kilkelly.
Half-forwards: Gary Kilkelly, Conor Whelan, David Burke.
Fullforwards: Ollie Nilan, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Rory Cullinane.
Subs:Alan Keane, Sean Linnane, Owen Whelan.

And the match is on! Its a fine day here in Clarinbridge. Surface is good , so well done to the host club this time of the year.
Kinvara are the underdogs, as Cois Fharraige aim to go better than last year when they lost the final.
5 mins gone....Kinvara 0-1, Cois Fharraige 0-1. We have another free now from halfway and Conor Whelan takes it...........againt the wind........short. They move it out.
U21B Listen Live on Raidio na Gaeltachta. Serious! Its on their Saturday sports programme with Sean Ban.
15 mins gone.....Kinvara 0-3, Cois Fharraige 0-2.
Great workrate by Kinvara against the bit of the wind. Remember this team beat us by 0-19 to 1-6 earlier in the year. The gap has been bridged that for sure.
25 mins gone: Cois Fharraige 0-7, Kinvara 0-5.
A goal for Kinvara. Gary Kilkelly I think it was who kicked it in. 
27 mins gone: Kinvara 1-5, Cois Fharraige 0-7.

U21B halftime:
Kinvara 1-5, Cois Fharraige 0-7. Great effort by all. Our opponents are very good, and we can expect much more from them in the second half. Kinvara, to a man, are going to have to up the ante in the second half to win this one. But great spirit shown already in the opening 30 mins.

Second half underway. Kinvara young guns have 30 mins to cause an upset and earn a place in the semi-final.
28 mins left....Cois Fhararaige 0-8, Kinvara 1-5
26 mins left....Kinvara have a free in now. Conor Whelan stands over it.....should be a point.......he looks.........lifts....shoots........GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He spotted a gap and rifled it home. 
Kinvara 2-5, Cois Fharraige 0-8.
15 mins left.......Kinvara 2-7 Cois Fharraige 0-10. Both sides exchanging scores but Kinvara keeping in front thanks to that second goal.
12 mins left..........Kinvara 2-10, Cois Fharraige 0-10.
11 mins left. Red card for Kinvara. We have it all to do now. Tremendous display so far. Another point. Kinvara 2-11, Cois Fharraige 0-10. Keep it up lads.
10 mins left......Kinvara 2-12, Cois Fharraige 0-10. Drive it home lads.
6 mins left......still Kinvara 2-12, Cois Fharraige 0-10. Defending is absolutely brilliant. The backs are putting everything into it - limbs and all. Workrate massive throughout.
4 mins left. They throwing everything at us. Ball blocked. But they get point. Now 7 point margin for us. These last few mins will be hectic.
2 mins left: Kinvara 2-13, Cois Fharraige 0-11. Another score there for Kinvara.
And another point there - superb play by David Burke and set up James O'Hara.
2-14 to 0-11. Home and dry now.
1 min left. A goal for them. It had to come. Now Kinvara 2-14 to Cois Fharraige 1-11. We have a 6 point cushion still.
Injury time now. Effort by Owen Whelan just fell short. We have sideline now. Just wide.
Still injury time. And we working like its the first minute. We lead by six.
They have free in. Its dropped in. Scramble. But Tadhg Reynolds comes out with it. Blow it up ref!
Deep deep injury time now. They have '65. Blocked.

U21B quarter-final.....all over!
Kinvara 2-15, Cois Fharraige 1-11.
What a display from Kinvara. Remember they beat us 0-19 to 1-6 in an earlier round. And remember, we played 18 players today, and all but 4 of them are underage still in two years time. We really dug deep today and played with "fire in the belly". We now play Kilconieron in the semi-final.

Junior semi-final ends in stalemate

posted 2 Nov 2014, 01:03 by Garret Byrne

Junior B Hurling Championship Semi-final
In Carnmore, Saturday 1st Nov 2014


Here is our live match report as it happened on our facebook page..........

Welcome to Carnmore for this junior b championship semi final between Kinvara and Padraig Pearses. The east Galway side took first blood last weekend but who will be victorious today. Throw in coming up at 2:45pm. Best of luck Kinvara!
Match will be underway in five mins
Match underway.
8 mins gone.....Kinvara 0-2, Pearses 0-2. Very wet and slippery conditions here.
16 mins gone......Pearses 0-4, Kinvara 0-2.
After 24 mins......Pearses 0-6, Kinvara 0-2.
Junior b halftime.
Pearses 0-7, Kinvara 1-2. They the more impressive so far. They had a strong 0-7 to 0-2 lead but we scored a goal just before the break to keep us in it. Big improvement needed.
22 mins left.......still Pearses 0-7 to Kinvara 1-2. We playing better but no scores to show for it.
16 mins left......Kinvara 2-3, Pearses 0-8. We got a goal from a scramble to take the lead. Push on now lads! We now have a free in.....scoreable?
Free taken........and wide. 
So with 14 mins left.....Kinvara 2-3, Pearses 0-8. We on top, but hitting too many wides.
12 mins left..still Kinvara 2-3 to Pearses 0-8. Very wet conditions and ball very heavy. Makes striking, especially for points, very difficult.
10 mins left.....Kinvara 2-3, Pearses 0-9. They get point from a free.
8 mins left.....still level at 2-3 to 0-9. This is tight!
7 mins left....Pearses 0-10, Kinvara 2-3. They score another free.
5 mins left......they have another free. Wide. Phew. Now Kinvara, up the field and get a few scores! PP 0-10, K 2-3.
4 mins left......we trying hard and finding it hard. Still PP 0-10 to K 2-3.
3 mins left....Still Pearses 0-10 lead Kinvara 2-3.
2 mins left. Free in to Kinvara after ref took his time. This to level it.
Last minute. We have this free in to level matters. Its being taken.......
Blocked. And we then have chance for a goal. Missed. They now come out. But we now have another free in. Injury time now.
Free from 30 yard out to level it. Wait.....
And its........a point.......level........ deep into injury time now.
All over - a draw!
So Kinvara battled back to secure the draw. Replay details tbc. 
Well done lads. It was tough hurling conditions out there. Plenty of spirit and pride. Final score was Kinvara 2-4, Padraig Pearses 0-10.

Kinvara team:
Ollie Bergin, James Cronin-Rodger, Johnny Kavanagh, Paul Sullivan, Gerard Linnane, Peter Mahon, Mark Bermingham, James O'Hara, David Burke, Gary Kilkelly, Mark Kavanagh, Damien Huban, Eric Keane, David Huban, Ian Bermingham.
Subs: Darragh Kilkelly, Rory Cullinane, Paul Keane, Stephen Bermingham, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Sean Linnane, Alan Keane, Owen Whelan.

Hard fought win for Junior C's

posted 24 Oct 2014, 14:52 by Garret Byrne

Junior C Shield Semi-final
Friday 24th Oct 2014 in Ardrahan.


This game produced a cracking final quarter of hurling with credit to both sets of players in wet conditions.
Kinvara started brillantly, with 2 green flags raised within the opening 3 minutes. Shane Sullivan and Deco Keane were the scorers. We actually led 2-1 to 0-0 after 5 minutes, but after that it was Annaghdown who got on top. They ended up rattling off several white flags to take the the lead at the interval by 0-9 to 2-2. They also had several wides in that period that were to prove costly. 
Kinvara now had advantage of the slight breeze in the second half, and slowly edged our way back into this game, shortly equalising. Kinvara then put together a string of points to lead by three, but credit to Annaghdown and they replied and again took a lead with 10 mins remaining. Then the Tommy K show started. His first goal was superbly taken as his snuck inside and shot from an acute angle. He followed that with another acute angled point. But Annaghdown came back again. They scored a goal and then a point to level it with 5 mins left. But then Tommy K came to the rescue again. This time he took full advantage of a defensive error and pulled the ball to the back of the net. The closing few minutes was very nervy stuff, and there was much delight when referee Ronan Stankard blew the final whistle.
This was a very spirited Kinvara performance and every player worked their socks off. They had to as this was a very good Annaghdown side. 
Our man of the match was corner back Darren Geaney. He has come back after a serious injury - in fact that injury retired him during the year! But he led the way from the corner, covering every blade of grass, encouraged his teammates, and cleared a mountain of ball. 
Overall it was the immense workrate that won the day. Well done lads!
Kinvara team:
Conor Quinn, Darren GeaneyPadraic MoylanAiden Fahy, Rory Quinn, John Kavanagh, John Donoghue, Michael O ConnorMickey KavanaghShane O Sullivan, Francis Comyn, Frankie QuinnDeclan Keane, Martin O'Connell, Oisin Fahy. Subs on: Dylan O HanrahanThomas Kavanagh.

Junior Bs march to quarter-finals

posted 8 Sept 2014, 15:16 by Garret Byrne

Junior B Hurling Championship
in Ballindereen, Monday 1st Sept 2014


Here is our Live news feed of the match on our club facebook.

Kinvara Junior B's face Castlegar, in Ballindereen this evening 6:30pm.
Two evenly matched teams, we were both in the same group, and both ended up with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats each. Our group match ended up in a draw, and dont be surprised to see it as close this evening. 
5 mins to throw in. 
The Kinvara team has just been announced:
Goals: Ollie Bergin
Fullback line: Gerard Linnane, Johnny Kavanagh, Steve Bermingham
Halfbacks: Paul O'Sullivan, Peter Mahon, Mark Bermingham
Midfield: James O'Hara, David Burke
Halfforwards: Mark Kavanagh, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Gary Kilkelly 
Full Forwards: Ian Bermingham, Damien Huban, Eric Keane.
Darragh Kilkelly, David Huban (injured), Sean Linnane, Alan Keane, Rory Cullinane, Paul Keane (injured).

13 mins gone: Castlegar 0-2 lead Kinvara 0-1. Our lads doing ok, but 5 wides so far is not what we want. We are creating the opportunities but we really need to be taking them.
20 mins gone. Castlegar 0-4, Kinvara 0-3. The sides were level on three points apiece but Castlegar have regained the lead now.
29 mins gone: Castlegar 0-5, Kinvara 0-4. David Huban now on and although injured, he is making a difference already. Also on is Rory Cullinane.
Halftime: Castlegar 0-6, Kinvara 0-4. A goal in this game will be massive for whoever gets it. Might be the winning of this game yet.
29 mins left: Kinvara half just underway. Kinvara need big improvement if to advance from this one.

22 mins left:
GOAL!!!.............A green flag for.........Kinvara!
Score now is Kinvara 1-7 lead Castlegar 0-6. Much better now from the seasiders. Keep it going now lads.
16 mins left....Kinvara 1-11, Castlegar 0-6. 
What an opening from Kinvara of this second half! Our subs are doing the stuff. Rory Cullinane getting the goal, while David Huban has added 4 more points.
We have now scored 1-7 without reply, as go from 2 down, to leading by 8. 
We now have to weather the Castlegar storm.
14 mins left...Kinvara 1-11, Castlegar 0-7. The city side are beginning now to try get back into this match after being shellshocked by Kinvara in the last 15 mins. In fairness, that man David Huban is the key difference.
13 mins left:........Kinvara 1-12, Castlegar 0-7. Another David Huban point.
12 mins left......Kinvara on the attack......Rory Cullinane does well......plays the ball in...........Mark Kavanagh has it......turns....shoots......wait...............a point!
Kinvara 1-13, Castlegar 0-7.
8 mins left.....Kinvara 1-14, Castlegar 0-8.
They now reduced to 14 with a red card. Also, David Huban have to come off as his injury caught up with him. But what a half hour he had. I'll tot up what he scored and let ye know later, but possibly seven points or so.
7 mins left.......Kinvara 1-14, Castlegar 0-9. They just scored a point there from a free. This match is fairly intensive, and not a lot between the two sides in the general play. That earlier goal for Kinvara was massive in fairness.
2 mins left.....Kinvara 1-16, Castlegar 0-11. 
In the closing stages now. They really need goals and fast. But time running out. Kinvara look safe at this late stage in the match.
Injure time now.: Kinvara 1-16, Castlegar 0-11.

What a second half from Kinvara, and a huge influence from David Huban (scored 7 points). Some good performances from a few of our minors with James O'Hara and Gary Kilkelly putting in a good hour each. We outscored out opponents by 1-12 to 0-5 in the second half. Well done lads, and to manager John Linnane & Co. Nothing won yet though. We only in quarter-final.

Kinvara U13 Champions!

posted 1 Sept 2014, 14:16 by Garret Byrne

County U13 B Hurling Championship Final
Thursday 28th August 2014, in Kenny Park.


Here is how is all went down, as done LIVE on our club facebook page.

- "Soft evening!

Nearly all things are perfect. The perfect location to play a final - Kenny Park. Two great teams - Kinvara and Tynagh-Abbey-Duniry. Two mad sets of supporters. Its a pity about the weather but hopefully it will clear a bit. Could nearly bring the boat!
- As we have just over half hour to throw-in, Kinvara Juvenile Club and U13 players and management would like to thank our team sponsor John Burke, and Burkes Londis Plus. The lads are looking great for this evening in their new shorts and socks, plus cool t-shirts for after. Thanks to John and Tommy.
- Kinvara U13s getting togged and ready in dressingroom here in Kenny Park. The U13 C final betwen Padraig Pearses and Sylane is now in the second half. Its still raining here, not as heavy as earlier, but the pitch seems to be holding well.
- So welcome Live from Kenny Park, for this Ocean Hygiene U13B County Championship Final between the lads of Kinvara and Tynagh-Abbey-Duniry 
This is the first ever live facebook update of a championship final involving Kinvara and hopefully that wont be the only history being made this evening.
- The teams have their photos taken and are going through their final preparations. 
The rain has stopped, and there is a strong breeze cross the pitch at moment, so wont really benefit either.
- Ball about to be thrown in.........and the rain is back!
Best of luck lads.

And the game is on!
5 secs gone. All level!
Its a dark evening with the rain, so hopefully wont affect the sides in the second half.
5 mins gone in U13 final. 
Kinvara 0-1, TAD 0-0. Pointed free by Benny Linnane. Tough conditions for hurling.
6 mins gone:
Kinvara 0-1, TAD 0-1. They also point a free. They had earlier broke through but great work by Ciaran Donoghue in goals for us, but they then won free and pointed it.
8 mins gone:
Kinvara just had a free in, and it was cleared off the line. This game will be won by small margins. Kinvara have habit of not playing to form in their opening halves, so hopefully we can change that this evening.
11 mins gone:
Another free for kinvara and cleared off the line again. Another free, and cleared again. The conditions here are even hard for striking the ball as the rain is getting heavy again. And its getting darker. A goal in this game will be major.
15 mins gone;
TAD 0-2, Kinvara 0-1. They get another pointed free. We doing ok, but need to convert more of our chances.
17 mins gone, and its Dara Helebert who raises the games first green flag. Kinvara 1-1, TAD 0-2.

Halftime: Kinvara 1-1, TAD 0-2. They unlucky not to have gotten a goal too. This will be a close one.
Halftime analysis. Its gonna be close! Thats pretty much it. But we doing ok. They have a couple of dangerous forwards, but we holding them ok. Points from play will be hard to find, so this match could be won by goals, and Kinvara have already one on the board. We just need to try take more of our chances up front. But overall, our workrate is great and everyone putting in a mighty effort.

Second Half on:
18 mins left: 
Kinvara 1-2, TAD 0-3. They start the brighter with a point. This half will fly. Only 20 mins of hurling per half.
14 mins left:
Kinvara 1-1, TAD 0-4. They draw level. And they on the attack, and Ciaran has it in the goals. Well done. Cleared but back in again. Don't foul. Free out to Kinvara. Great defending lads. Now need to get the ball up the field and score.
12 mins left.
Still level. They have us under pressure now. Free to them. Dropped in................half cleared.......and then wide.
7 mins left:
Still level at 1-1 to 0-4. Both sides have hit a wide apiece in the past two minutes. A goal will decide this.
5 mins left.
Kinvara 1-2, TAD 0-4. Well done lads. But TAD back on the attack.
4 mins left. 
We still lead 1-2 to 0-4. And they back on the attack. Looks like a point. But caught by Ciaran, Cleared. But they get it and point it. All level. 1-2 to 0-5.
2 mins left. 
Wide for Kinvara. Still all square. Nail-biting stuff this. Not that we have many left after last Thursdays semi-final!
1 min left. 
Bad puckout for them. Mishit. We win it. We missed scoring chance. They now have free out.
Last minute. 
Still all level. We on the attack. Com'on lads. Work it!
Injury time now:
Ball on their 21. Hard to control ball. We have another lineball.
Deep into injury time. 
Our last chance maybe. Hit in. Missed. A Scramble.
Kinvara now lead 2-2 to 0-5. 
Free out to them.
Blow it up ref for goodness sake!
Emotional....................this isnt tears, its the rain, honest!

What a win.
Scenes in Kenny Park are mad at the moment. A huge crowd from Kinvara and we thank them for supporting us. We looked in trouble in that second half. Tynagh-Abbey-Duniry in fairness were great and can be proud of their efforts. Our lads had to big deep inside to win this. Such is the spirit in this bunch of lads. Instilled into them by a great sideline of Francis Comyn, Michael Helebert, Eamonn Keely, Niall Byrne and Paddy Barry. They believed. The players believed. And their fitness levels stood to them and we again finished the match very strong.
Hard to see a loser in a match like this, and we wish TAD and their club the very best. No doubt our paths will pass again. 
But for now, we thank the 27 players of the Kinvara U13 team. School in the morning, so dont be out too late tonight!
Proud of each and one of you.

Seniors lose final league match

posted 16 Aug 2014, 01:16 by Garret Byrne

Senior Hurling League
Thurs 14th August 2014 in Kinvara


Kinvara senior hurlers drew curtains on their league campaign with a final match defeat to Turloughmore. 
Both sides mixed the good and the bad in this high scoring match, as both prepare for more important games coming ahead next month.

Playing up the field with the assistance of the wind in the opening half, it was Turloughmore who started the better. Their players appeared to have more time on the ball, and this resulted in them getting plenty of scores. By the 20 min mark they had raised three green flags to lead 3-12 to 0-7, although Kinvara did finish the half the stronger. 
Halftime score: Turloughmore 3-15, Kinvara 0-12.

The second period saw Kinvara aided by the wind, and the home side improved their game accordingly. Kinvara outscored their opponents by 0-10 to 0-5 for this half, but failed to get the important goal that could have threatened the outcome of this game.

Kinvara team:
Colm Callanan, James O'Hara, Brian Carroll, Shane Byrne, Eanna Linnane, Shane Quinn, Alan Leech, Shane Kavanagh, Niall Bermingham, David Burke, Tom Donovan, Mark Kavanagh, Ian Bermingham, Conor Kavanagh, Dara Smith.
Sub: Ger Linnane. 

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